Best of Graduates: Looking Back, Looking Forward | Goof Kloosterman

Before we start looking forward to Best of Graduates 2021, we’d like to shed light on some of our Best of Graduates alumni. What did participating in the Best of Graduates mean to them? And what are they up to now? Let’s find out! ⁠

Featured BOG Alumni:⁠
Name: Goof Kloosterman⁠
Academy: HKU, Utrecht⁠
BOG Year: 2014

Q: What meant participating in The Best of Graduates for you?
A: Looking back now, it was as much a great as terrifying experience. Being immersed into the apparatus of the art scene quickly after graduation brought me a lot wonderful opportunities and a broad network of other artists and professional in the field, for which I am the team of BOG very grateful. Yet being released into the ‘serious business’ side of the field as a ‘rookie’ brought moments of insecurity as well.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?
A: I’ve rediscovered a love for sculpting and I’ve been allowing more figurative forms into my practice. Coming from a point where I was researching how images are being formed and transformed through media, I’ve now started to look into how culture informs certain scenes, objects and images.

Q: What is typical about your work?
A: I think a slow pace characterizes my work. In my studio I take the time, do things over and over again and often am attracted to labor-intensive work. This is reflected when visiting one of my installations where the work slowly reveals more and more.

Q: What is your biggest influence? And how can we see that in your work?
A: Media for sure, and by that I mean everything we have not experienced ourselves but we have only formed an image or idea of through a form of media. I have been using typical movie tropes for example: lanterns, baseball bats or cowboy hats.