Art Rotterdam 2024: Artist Announcement

Galerie Ron Mandos is thrilled to be part of the 25th edition of Art Rotterdam, presenting Best of Graduates Legacy, featuring 25 talented artists who have been part of our program over the last 5 years. Join us at booth number 40 and immerse yourself in the creativity and innovation of these emerging artists.

The lineup of 25 participants in the Best of Graduates Legacy at Art Rotterdam showcases the rich diversity of emerging talents in the vibrant world of art. We are thrilled to introduce these artists, which were carefully selected to represent the best of our program:

Anni Mertens, Anton Shebetko, Bart Pols, Bobbi Essers, Caja Boogers, Cas van der Steen, Ellis Holman, Jemima de Jonge, Jochem Mestriner, Joseph Palframan, Krijn Kroes, Kwadwo Amfo, Marcos Kueh, Marloes Roeper, Matias Salgado, Menno Pasveer, Milah van Zuilen, Robin Speijer, Sam Werkhoven, Shimon Kamada, Teun Krosenbrink, Thom van Rijckevorsel, Tom van Veen, Vincent Zanni, and Yiyi Chen.

Their talent has inspired many and graced our walls during previous Best of Graduates shows, and now we are honored to share their work at Art Rotterdam. Our booth has been thoughtfully designed by the renowned office Tom Postma Design, known for its exceptional work in designing art spaces. The project creates a unique space for our Best of Graduates Legacy exhibition, standing tall and inviting visitors to discover the best 25 graduates nurtured under Galerie Ron Mandos’ programs.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the VandenEnde Foundation for their support of The Young Blood Foundation. As one of the Netherlands’ largest private foundations, their dedication to nurturing young talent in the arts aligns seamlessly with our mission at Galerie Ron Mandos.

In celebration of 25 years of Galerie Ron Mandos, which coincides with 25 years of Art Rotterdam, we have many more exciting events and plans coming. Stay tuned for further updates and join us at booth number 40 at Art Rotterdam 2024 to celebrate these incredible artists and their contributions to the world of contemporary art!