Photographer Marwan Bassiouni (b. 1985, Switzerland) visited over seventy of the four hundred or so mosques in the Netherlands between January 2018 and February 2019. He made his choice of which spaces to photograph based on the views that their windows had to offer on the local surroundings. His composite images show real interiors combined with the actual view from the mosque. In his series New Dutch Views, Bassiouni shows the diversity of Islam in apparent contrast with the equally diverse yet instantly recognizable Dutch landscape.
Bassiouni’s sharply focused and detailed photographs question how Islam is represented in the West, and show a society in which several cultures exist alongside and with each other. New Dutch Views is a symbolic portrait of Bassiouni’s double cultural background, and it highlights the fact that a new Western Islamic identity is emerging. In his first solo exhibition at the Photography Museum of the Hague seventeen large-scale photographs are accompanied by the photographer’s own biographical reflections.
The New Dutch Views book counts all thirty photographs and short texts of the series. The latter are intimately placed at the back of each photograph requiring one to delicately manipulate the pages in order to access the content. 

Please note that all editions purchased through Galerie Ron Mandos will be signed by the artist.