We Have a Winner: Caja Boogers | Lakeside Collection Award 2023

⁠During today’s award ceremony, Ali Keles (Founder of the Lakeside Collection) and Sanne ten Brink (Director of Brutus), announced that Caja Boogers is the recipient of the Lakeside Collection Award. Winning the award means that Boogers won a year-long residency at the Lakeside Residency located in the Depot of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Congratulations Caja!⁠

About the Artist

Within his work, Caja Boogers (2001) tries to find ways to influence the perception of the viewer. By working with techniques that involve manipulations of the underlying layer, it’s the motifs and scratches he applies that often become visible through the painted image. In this way, the texture of the subject is intensified, which creates a shift from the surface of the painting itself, to the surface of the subject matter. It’s particularly this conversion that intrigues Boogers.

The pursuit of capturing light is a fundamental aspect of painting. Boogers applies and question this, among other conventions, with the reiteration of depicting a subject. This process is supported by the various images he makes and collects based on different interests, and with which he builds a personal archive. Consisting of images that range from nature elements and surfaces that are affected in some way, to 1970s films and martial arts culture, it’s the analysis of this archive that results in a different approach each time after a series of paintings. The ongoing questions about interpretation continuously provide new perspectives, and keep his practice dynamic

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