Virtual Tour ‘Inner Garden’ & ‘De wereld van Sofie’

We are pleased to share our new 3D Gallery Tour of the exhibitions Inner Garden by Filip Vervaet and De wereld van Sofie, a group exhibition curated by Sofie Van de Velde and Jason Poirier dit Caulier. We invite you to visit the gallery virtually via the 3D Gallery Tour below or click here.

The Belgian artist Filip Vervaet has transformed the gallery into an inner garden where the notions of inside and outside intertwine. Inner Garden is a dreamscape that evokes a science fiction-like atmosphere. Vervaet presents a reality that seems both familiar and alienating. In the sand-filled spaces of the Inner Garden we find wondrous objects in which natural scenes can be recognized. Artistic media such as light and color filters are also used to shape our view on nature. Vervaet poses the question what do we experience as natural and how do we shape that experience?

De wereld van Sofie [“Sofie’s World”] is a group exhibition of works by Ilse D’Hollander, Stef Driesen, Tatjana Gerhard and Leon Vranken. Curators Sofie Van de Velde and Jason Poirier are both from a family of gallery owners and learned at an early age how competitive the art world can be. With Gallery Sofie Van de Velde and PLUS-ONE Gallery they take an alternative route and pursue a philosophy of transparency and cooperation. From this position they joined forces with Galerie Ron Mandos to platform the works of four of their artists in the Netherlands.