Upcoming: RM Sunday Session | Exploration Kunsthalle Munich

Exploration: Kunsthalle Munich
A tour by Erwin Olaf, Roger Diederen, and Anja Huber through Strange Beauty

Sunday, May 16th
2:00 PM (CET)
The tour will be in English

We are happy to announce a special tour through Erwin Olaf’s new exhibition Strange Beauty at the Kunsthalle in Munich. On Sunday May 16th at 2:00 PM (CET) we will be streaming a tour by Erwin Olaf, Roger Diederen (Director of the Kunsthalle in Munich), and Anja Huber (Curator of the exhibition), on our social media channels. The three speakers will guide you through Erwin Olaf’s first, large-scale retrospective dedicated to his oeuvre in Germany, and will together discuss topics such as fiction and reality, and Olaf’s newest works created in the Bavarian Alps. To see how Olaf created these works, watch here the making of Im Wald.