Upcoming: Performance Mica Pan

On the special occasion of the public opening week, Mica Pan (graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie) will perform in and outside the gallery. This unique performance will take place on Friday 30 July and starts at 3:00 PM.

Since studying at the Fine Arts department of the Rietveld, performance has been Mica Pan’s focus of practice. Reoccurring themes in her works include subconsciousness, dreams, state of being/existing, the concept of “nothingness” and “real”, and the boundaries between art and life; she also has a strong interest in mysticism and religious practices. She explores minimal gestures/ interventions as a way to alter the way of experiencing daily life and considers specific spaces and situations as her material.

Upcoming: Performance
Mica Pan | Fulica Atra
Date: Friday 30 July
Time: 3:00 PM (CET)
Location: Galerie Ron Mandos, Prinsengracht 282

About Fulica Atra

A variety of noises are constantly overlapping in busy urban neighborhoods, forming an everyday background track, which we often got used to and ignore. However, under certain circumstances, some sounds can also stand out and be recognized among them. In this performance, I want to use the street as a container for echoing, exploring the traces left by a sound between meaningless noise and communicational signal that refracts, imitates, and follows each other over the street, and the boundaries of a work on open-air created by the attention of the observer.