The Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation Names a New Director

The board of the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation located in Amsterdam/Rotterdam, the Netherlands has chosen a new director: Jacquill G. Basdew (Amsterdam, 1994). The foundation thus chooses a young talented leader at the helm of the foundation for emerging artistic talent.

Jacquill G. Basdew is versatile, strategic, brimming with creative ideas, and has a young, fresh and progressive outlook. Combined with the experience he has gained in organizing the annual graduation exhibition Best of Graduates over the past three years at Galerie Ron Mandos, he is the ideal candidate for this important position.

Chairman of the Board Ron Mandos on the appointment of Jacquill G. Basdew: “I am delighted to announce Jacquill’s appointment as director and that he will be the face of the Young Blood Foundation. I was able to experience up close with how much passion and skill he has devoted himself to emerging artists in the Netherlands in recent years. It is for that reason that I am confident that the Young Blood Foundation will steer the right course under his leadership.”

Jacquill G. Basdew:“I have been incredibly privileged to interact with emerging artistic talent on a frequent basis in the near past. It is a dream come true that I, as director of the Young Blood Foundation, can now fully focus on this important and inspiring target group. It is my ambition to ensure that, together with my team and highly involved board, I will let this indispensable platform for emerging talent grow and thrive, with the hope of creating an environment in which this group ultimately feels heard, supported, and at home”.

Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation:

The Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation’s mission is to offer a platform to young artists in the Netherlands. Through this platform they create an environment that cultivates and develops their talents. The new director is a young talented leader at the helm of the foundation for emerging artistic talent.

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