Save the Date: June 15

Official Opening | The artists will be present
Date: Saturday, June 15th
Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Location: Prinsengracht 282, Amsterdam


We are delighted to invite you to the official opening of our upcoming exhibition featuring Karen Lamassonne, Abul Hisham, Andy Llanes Bulto and Matias Salgado. Join us in Amsterdam on Saturday, June 15th, from 3:00 – 6:00 PM for a first look at the works of these artists.

Explore the impactful paintings, photographs, etchings and video works of Colombian artist Karen Lamassonne, whom we met at her exhibition at KW Institute in Berlin last year. Delve into the serene landscapes of Indian artist Abul Hisham, former Rijksakademie resident and winner of De Schefferprijs 2024. Discover the meticulously crafted compositions by Andy Llanes Bulto, created with gold leaf and oil paint. Or see the vibrant city scenes and grotesque human figures painted by Matias Salgado, winner of the RM Young Blood Award of 2023.

Karen Lamassonne

Karen Lamassonne (b. 1954) was born in New York to Colombian and Argentinian parents, yet she is primarily considered as a Colombian artist because of the long period she spent in Bogotá and Cali, and because of her active participation in exhibitions there. Beginning with painting and drawing, she went on to create visual works using a variety of techniques and served as artistic director for a number of films produced in Colombia. Lamassonne has been a nomadic artist, living in New York, Bogotá, Paris, Rome, and most recently Atlanta, where she currently resides and continues to produce work.

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Abul Hisham

Abul Hisham (b. 1987) is an Indian artist who participated in the residency program at the Rijkakademie in Amsterdam from 2021 to 2023. In 2024, he was awarded the prestigious De Schefferprijs.

Hisham’s work features deep colors, serene landscapes, human figures, and religious rituals, often viewed through the innocent eyes of a child. His paintings radiate a sense of calm and evoke wonder. A recurring element in his work is the wall, painted with a palpable, sandy texture that seems to separate one part of the painting from another: a praying boy from a mosque, a socker player from the field and its goal, or a group of friends from their homeland. In today’s political climate, it’s hard not to see this wall as a symbol of borders and migration. However, there seems to be more to it than just social criticism. Hisham invites his viewers to decipher a multitude of metaphors and symbols of human existence, whether they are about desire, power, faith, or memory.

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Andy Llanes Bultó

Andy Llanes Bultó (b. 1987) employs materials like gold leaf and oil paint to create works that delve into the enduring significance of the human figure in art. Drawing from a rich historical tradition, Bultó reinterprets the nude body through depictions of intimacy, conflict, and interdependence. His meticulously crafted compositions of men wrestling, bodies entwined or involved in intimate interactions, are reminiscent of classical aesthetics. Inspired by artists like Eadweard Muybridge and Francis Bacon, Bultó’s paintings blur the line between violence and tenderness, presenting figures engaged in ambiguous gestures that defy easy categorization. His work invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of human relationships. Born in Havana, Cuba, Bultó’s moved to Kentucky Louisville, where he finished a residency at 21c Museum Hotels last year.

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Matias Salgado

Matias Salgado (b. 1998) is an Argentinian painter, who recently graduated from Minerva Academie in Groningen. Last year, he participated in Best of Graduates 2023 and won the prestigious Young Blood Award presented to him by Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar.

In his new body of works, Salgado explores the subtle yet profound moments that define contemporary urban existence. His paintings feature vibrant city scenes with colorful human figures, often portrayed in exaggerated forms that offer insight into our behaviors and emotions. The artworks convey a feeling of sensory overload. Amid bustling street corners and local grill rooms, characters engage in continuous consumption. We see a peddler selling fresh orange juice, while another man is smoking, waiting for the bus. These artworks comment on the relentless pace and myriad stimuli of daily life.

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ABOUT Karen Lamassonne

Karen Lamassonne was born in 1954 in New York City, U.S.A
She currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A

The Colombian painter and video artist was born in New York in 1954 and raised in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, Lamassonne has lived and worked in the United States, Colombia, France, Germany and Italy. Her work is always autoreferential; a responseto her environment and emotions in which eroticism is a silent participant. During the 1980’s she lived in Cali, a defining period for her career, where she bonded with the dynamic group of artists and filmmakers known as “The Grupo de Cali”. During this period she combined her cinematographic experience to create works in photography and video. At the same time she complemented her painting with Art Direction, Costume Design, Editing and Acting indifferent national and international productions. Her experience and drive has led to a multifaceted creative output across the disciplines of fine arts, design, video, film, theater and music.


ABOUT Abul Hisham

Born in 1987 in Thrissur, Kerala, India
Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With an MFA in Painting from S.N. School of Arts, University of Hyderabad, and a BFA from Government College of Fine Arts, Thrissur, Hisham’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in his upbringing in India.

Drawing inspiration from the Safavid, Mughal, Rajput, and Deccani art traditions, Hisham crafts portraits and tableaux that are mysterious and evocative. His scenes often depict his native India, yet the characters transcend geographical boundaries. Central to his work are themes of shared histories, hierarchy, and power, with a particular focus on religious conflicts and caste systems.

Hisham’s artistic expression finds form in paintings on canvas and wood, dry pastel, wood carvings, and casting powder. Working with powdered pigment, he sculpts from dust, echoing the belief that humans are created from and return to dust after death. Some pigments used by Hisham are derived from mined minerals, symbolizing the eternal cycle of creation and transformation.

Exploring the notions of desire, death, and memory, Hisham’s body of work delves into the multi-layered profundity of these themes, intertwining them with the social and cultural spaces he inhabits. He draws inspiration from various sources including cinema, pop culture, art history, mythology, and religion, inviting viewers to decipher the rich metaphors and symbols embedded within his art. In addition to his two-dimensional works, Hisham is currently exploring sculptural installations that delve into memories of inner space, exploring their potential connections to the idea of the Self.


ABOUT Andy Llanes Bultó

Born in 1987 in Artemisa, Havana, Cuba
Lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Andy Lanes Bultó, born in 1987 in Artemisa, Havana, Cuba, graduated from the provincial academy of plastic arts and later from the higher university institute of art of Havana.

Employing specific aesthetic and symbolic traditions to examine contemporary orthodox maleness, Bultó’s practice extends the rich heritage of the nude figure in Western art, from the Late Stone Age through ancient civilizations, the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modernism. Utilizing traditional techniques and materials like gold leaf and oil paint, Bultó explores themes of desire, seduction, intimacy, conflict, and ritual. “Gold is,” he says, “a material of seduction, and one that I use to elicit the viewer’s desire to possess.”

Bultó innovatively uses paper-based works hand-dyed with pollen from carnivorous plants. This choice is rich with metaphor, comparing the real and symbolic qualities of pollen—a vital attractant essential for life—with the allure and status of gold and human desires. The predatory nature of these plants blurs the line between intimacy and deadly conflict.

Bultó’s figures appear to consent to intimacy, almost dancing. In Cuba, he says, nearly everything relates to dance, a legacy of Spanish colonization blending with Afro-Cuban culture. Conjuring connotations of colonialism, conquest, and romance, Bultó questions the intersectionality of cultural and natural conceits, highlighting parallels between human life and the natural world.


ABOUT Matias Salgado

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998)
Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Born in Buenos Aires in 1998, Matias Salgado (Best of Graduates 2023) developed a passion for painting during his teenage years. His artistic journey began with courses focusing on the human figure, laying a foundation for his future work. Salgado’s art, characterized by its emphasis on the human form, has been featured in various shows and fairs since 2017, gaining attention from collectors worldwide. Salgado’s works also extend beyond the gallery space, with his art held in public collections at the Museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands and the Perez Art Museum in the USA, as well as in private collections in countries like Argentina, the United States, Malaysia, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany.

Drawing inspiration from a broad array of materials, Salgado creates imagery that is deeply rooted in the popular narratives and discourses of his Argentine background. He skillfully incorporates personal memories into common places and objects, imbuing them with his own unique perspective. This approach results in a captivating blend of figuration and abstraction in his works.

Salgado often recreates scenes where these elements combine and compete, giving rise to what he terms a ‘suggestive image’. These suggestive images invite viewers to delve into a world where personal and cultural narratives intertwine, offering a rich exploration of identity and memory.