Young Artists Receive Extra Financial Support Thanks to New Foundation

Galerie Ron Mandos has been at the forefront of discovering new artistic talent for the past decade. With the yearly Best of Graduates exhibition, and the Young Blood Talent Award, the gallery highlights the best of each year’s graduating students and presents them to a large international public.

In order to ensure a continuation of the tradition, and to continue offering a platform of this calibre to young, emerging artists, Ron Mandos has founded the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation. A fund will be established with a significant monetary sum, to assure that the yearly exhibition is able to take place for many years to come, and includes the accompanying prize of the Ron Mandos Young Blood Talent Award.

The platform that the foundation offers, supports young artists at the start of their career, and allows them to be in an environment and setting that fosters their talents. The Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation can offer a vital supporting step at this critical and definable stage of their career.

Previous Best of Graduates winners have attained great successes with exhibitions around the world. Their works have been shown and sold at national and international art fairs. The foundation allows these artists to experience their first taste of being part of the gallery world, a significant aspect of the art sphere. Furthermore, they are introduced to fellow gallery owners and important museums throughout the country.

A number of leading figures in the art world have been approached to enter the board of this new foundation. The board will be announced during the award ceremony of the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2017 on Saturday September 2, in the gallery on Prinsengracht 282, Amsterdam.