Iconic stands for emblematic figures, for images that are worshiped or idolised, for powerful mental ideas, that only embody a spirit of the age and the thought of timelessness.

Because iconic images are just as inspiring, contemporary artists are claiming these images to reinterprete them and create new iconic images, while maintaining iconoclastic characteristics.

The artworks created by the emblematic artist duo Pierre et Gilles are constantly playing with modern and former dream and fantasy imagery, thus eminently Iconic.

Maison Particulière, besides Pierre et Gilles, has invited four artist couples who's passions include both classic, religious and contemporary art and comics.

Such divergent ensembles rarily gathered in one exposition, just as rarily as that such surprising dialogues emerged between works of art that show religious icons, heroes of our time or heroes from the classics.

Zelden kwamen zulke uiteenlopende ensembles samen in een tentoonstelling, zelden kwamen er zulke verrassende dialogen tot stand tussen kunstwerken die religieuze iconen, helden uit onze tijd of helden van de Klassieke Oudheid voorstellen.

Last but not least, we also invite Paul Evans, Ettore Sottsass, Pierre Cardin and other designers, chosen by Yves and Victor Gastou. In this exposition, their design furniture provides a bridge between decorative and plastic arts, antique and modern art and show that there are no borders between the different branches.

Just like most of the themes that are dealt with in Maison Particulière, Iconic can be interpreteted on many different levels; subjective and defective, personal and individual emotions are key. Making choices has never been easy and the choices of our participants testify of their involvement.

The invited art collectors are Béatrice en Philippe le Hodey, Cookie en Cédric Liénart de Jeude, Charlotte en André Querton, Myriam and Amaury de Solages.

The literary guest is Jean-Claude Simoën.

With works from Carlos Aires; Alfonso Alzamora; Nobuyoshi Araki; Jean-Baptiste Bernadet; Pierre Bismuth; Blek le rat; Claude-Victor Boeltz; Cris Brodahl; Sophie Calle; Pierre Cardin; Caspicara; Jota Castro; Pieter Coecke Van Aelst; Didier Comès; Anne-Lise Coste; Etienne Courtois; Wim Delvoye; Braco Dimitrijevic; Paul Evans; Stelios Faitakis; Jean-Claude Farhi; Alekos Fassianos; Hans-Peter Feldmann; Sylvie Fleury; Claire Fontaine; André Franquin; Kendell Geers; Gilbert & George; Annie Goetzinger; Douglas Gordon; Jean-Paul Goude; Marc Hardy; Hergé; Hermann; Thomas Hirschhorn; Hokusai; Georges Jeanclos; Farid Saleem Kamboh; Utagawa Kuniyoshi; Ivan Loubennikov; Milo Manara; Jacques Martin; Kris Martin; MiTacq; Iván Navarro; Nat Neujean; Xavier Noiret-Thomé; Claudio Parmiggiani; Pierre et Gilles; Gustavo Riego; Matthieu Ronsse; Stephen Sack; Fabrice Samyn; George Segal; José María Sicilia; Jeanloup Sieff; Santiago Sierra; Rik Smits; Ettore Sottsass; Mari Sunna; William Vance; Erwin Wurm