Renie Spoelstra at Design Museum Den Bosch

Renie Spoelstra’s work Black Ice is part of the new exhibition GOTH at the Design Museum Den Bosch. ⁠
Goth is the world’s biggest subculture. A lifestyle steeped in an undefined yearning for the dark side of life. The exhibition GOTH – Designing Darkness looks for the subculture’s wellspring and presents a cultural history packed with dramatic imaginings, ominous design and melancholic art. In the heart of historic Den Bosch, with its medieval and neo-Gothic monuments, GOTH – Designing Darkness will also show how this dark subculture is given visual shape today.⁠

The work Black Ice that will be presented in this exhibition is part of Nordic Noir. This series of charcoal drawings consists of seemingly random images of Scandinavian landscapes. The randomness of these images demystifies our romantic conception of Scandinavian landscapes, which coincides with the degradation of nature through climate change and mass tourism, often incited by blockbuster movies that draw large groups of people to original film sites.