18/06/2016 – 18/09/2016
IN SITU 2016 – Patrimoine et art contemporain
Art Trail in the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées (FR) 
Address Retable II: Abbaye de Gellone, 34150 Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert (FR)
Opening: 18/06   14:30
IN SITU is a summer event in the region of Languedoc - Roussillon - Midi - Pyrénées and is supported by the association Le Passe Muraille. Following the success of previous editions, this edition will take place at 11 different locations, all listed historic buildings. Under the curatorship of Marie - Caroline Allaire - Matte this event will form a dialogue between heritage architecture and contemporary art. The installations are often specially made in function of the site. Renato Nicolodi designed on the occasion of this exhibition, a wooden installation Retable II for the Abbey of Gellone in Saint-Guilhem- le-Désert .
Participating artists: Tjeerd Alkema, le collectif Time Maker's, Marc Couturier, Daniel Dezeuze, Martine Feipel et Jean Bechameil, Bertrand Gadenne, Renato Nicolodi, Javier Pérez, Marie-Hélène Richard, et Vladimir Skoda.
More information: www.patrimoineetartcontemporain.com

Retable II, Birch multiplex, 180 x 100 x 400 cm    © David Huguenin 
26/06/2016 – 18/09/2016
EL CAMINO – The Way Between Two Points –
Lieu d’Art Contemporain, Hameau du Lac, 11130 Sigean, FR
Opening: 25/06   18:00
The art project under curator Christa Vyvey "EL CAMINO - The Way Between Two Points - " has invited six artists (Christine Clinckx, Stijn Cole, Cel Crabeels, Ronny Delrue, Renato Nicolodi and Jonas Vansteenkiste) to Compostela in order to carry out research and to REGISTER the experiences/results in a "cahier de route”. On the occasion of this exhibition Renato Nicolodi designed the work Proximi mei, meum fundamentum I. Renato Nicolodi 's work is constructed of a limestone base and seems truncated. The monument , which usually adorns such base, is absent. The rider was blown from its pedestal. Instead, the base is a carrier for a video installation. On two sides there is a projection. One face shows Super 8 films by Nicolodi 's paternal grandfather. On the other face is a compilation of projected one - minute videos recorded by the artist with the iPhone. Like El Camino, Proximi mei, meum fundamentum I symbolizes the road between two points, physically and / or mentally.
More information: www.lac.narbonne.com 

On the occasion of this project, a multiple was designed. This multiple (of 20 copies) is presented in the form of a box containing a work of each artist. Renato Nicolodi his contribution to the multiple is the work Statio I – messing and paper – 245 x 280 mm. For more information, please mail to moniek.bucquoye@skynet.be 

Claustrum III, concrete & wood, 91 x 91 x 207 cm   © Alain SiX   




04/06/2016 – 25/09/2016
Art trail on various locations alongside road Menen - Ieper (BE)
Address Speculatio I: at intersection Geluveldplaats with Polderweg (backside church), 8980 Geluveld (BE)
More information: www.meninroadypernstrasse.be

Speculatio I, Limestone, 180 x 180 x 340 cm   © Renato Nicolodi 


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