How did the collaboration between Filling Pieces and Daniel Arsham come about? We sat down with Guillaume Philibert, the creative director and founder of Filling Pieces, to learn more about this unique collaboration.

Galerie Ron Mandos: Can you tell us about the first time you encountered an artwork by Arsham? What kind of impression did the experience leave?

Guillaume Philibert: The first time I came across Daniel’s work was a few years back. Through a good mutual friend Ronnie Fieg, I became familiar with his work. As I studied architecture, I soon found out about Snarkitecture, Daniel’s design firm with his partners, and really started appreciating and loving their work. What I like about his work is that he tells stories with everyday objects, translated in unique and special fabrications. Everyone has a certain personal feeling when it comes to the objects he makes, which gives it such an accessible but special understanding for both the so called ‘purists’ and ‘tourists’. We all love and understand the ‘Delorean’, it gives us a feeling of nostalgia, desire or other emotion.

Galerie Ron Mandos: Which one of the works included in Static Mythologies resonates the most with you and why?

Guillaume Philibert: I like the College Varsity rendition the most, it has so many layers which make it really strong. The jacket stands for being part of a group of like minded people that share the love for a team, a player or the sports in general. The composition gives the jacket such strong aesthetic, with the distressed parts showing a layered interior. The piece has a solid but also shallow look, I like the contrast here. Other than that, I really like all the magazine covers. They all have a link to the future and some in Dutch, while all of them are fictional and have a part of humor in them.

Galerie Ron Mandos: How important is art for you as a designer?

Guillaume Philibert: It's very important, it's a big inspiration but also mutual ground. I look at design as a whole, where different forms of creativity meet. It’s great to see how there are many cross-over projects between art and fashion. It makes art accessible and understandable for a bigger group of individuals. Most of our collection themes or stories have a direct link to art.

Galerie Ron Mandos: How did your collaboration on the T-shirt with Arsham come about? Could you give us some insight in the creative process?

Guillaume Philibert: During the years, Daniel and I became friends and we would share cool moments during KITH trips or fashionweeks, my appreciation for his work kept on growing and felt it would be amazing to one day work on something. When I joined a dinner in Amsterdam about a year ago, he explained me about an upcoming exhibition in Amsterdam with Ron Mandos gallery and Moco. Immediately, I starting thinking of possible ways to join forces in a way. The team over at Galerie Ron Mandos then rang me up some weeks before the expo to see if we could work on a apparel piece that translated elements of the show to a clothing piece. At Filling Piecs we always explore different ways and techniques to make product, so the canvas was a heavyweight Portugese jersey cloth with 3 different printing techniques. We used the center piece of the exhibition, which is the rendition of the Spalding Basketball by Arsham. We used silk screen printing technique for the exterior of the ball and flocking material for the interior which shows the 3D effect and depth in Daniel’s work. The back of the t-shirt had the co-branding of ARSHAM STUDIO and FILLING PIECES in a mix of screen printing and 3D transfer, to again highlight the depth of the art pieces.

Galerie Ron Mandos: What would your ultimate dream collaboration with Arsham look like? (Think big: A flagship store? A feature film? A 3-meter-high pair of calcified sneakers on Dam Square?)

Guillaume Philibert: Ha, that’s a good one! I guess a project that includes several design disciplines. A building or architecture out of 3018, where collaborative projects are the center pieces, with a feature film including these pieces and we fully focus on the full experience. Our AW19 theme is called ‘The New World’ which is a conceptual space, where we travel to this new place where we focus on 5 key pillars of society that we think are most important. You know, a place where everyone is equal, where REAL beauty is the ‘beauty ideal’, where we are more conscious about the environment and each other and more. It would be amazing to create this space together. We stand for bridging the gap and including all, so these would obviously be an important part of the overall theme, in strong combination with Arsham’s vision.

Galerie Ron Mandos: If you could travel back in time and bring back one souvenir to the now, which year would you choose and what object would you take?

Guillaume Philibert: My personal pair of Jordan 1’s Bred’s from when I was really young, where my real love for trainers and streetwear started. I can’t remember the exact year but it was 2001.

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