Public Announcement: Award Winners Best of Graduates 2023

We proudly present the winners of the RM Photo Talent Award, the RM Residency Award and the RM Public Choice Award of 2023. During the award ceremony today, Margriet Schavemaker, artistic director of the Amsterdam Museum, announced the winners of the three final awards:

The RM Photo Talent Award winner of 2023 is Vincent Zanni
The RM Residency Award winner of 2023 is Jemima de Jonge
The RM Public Choice Award winner of 2023 is Fanja Bouts

Congratulations to all of you!

Winning the RM Photo Talent Award means that work by Vincent Zanni will be featured in our Unseen presentation next year.

Winning the RM Residency Award means that Jemima de Jonge will get to work at BRUTUS for six months in the coming year as part of her residency.

Winning the RM Public Choice Award means that Fanja Bouts gets to create the design for our Best of Graduates exhibition next year.

You can find some comments from the jury report below:

Vincent Zanni
RM Photo Talent Award winner

Vincent Zanni’s photographic work stands as an exceptional exploration of the essence of analog photography. Through his latest projects, Zanni transcends the conventional boundaries of image creation by delving deep into the alchemical realm of the darkroom. His relentless experimentation with diverse techniques and materials not only yields captivating visuals but also highlights his profound commitment to the tactile and ephemeral facets of photography.

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Jemima de Jonge
RM Residency Award winner

Jemima de Jonge emerges as a truly multidisciplinary artist, skillfully weaving together film, sculpture, installations, and performances into a seamless and captivating narrative. Her work resonates as a testament to her profound understanding of her environment, which she deftly exploits to manipulate spaces and blur the line between reality and imagination. De Jonge’s creations thrive at the intersection of various media and pathways, drawing viewers into her realm with a touch of otherworldliness.

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Fanja Bouts
RM Public Choice Award winner

Fanja Bouts was chosen by the public as the most favorite artist from Best of Graduates 2023. She is a visual artist working with installation and illustration. Her work surrounds the contrast between the playful and the absurdly serious, within the patterns of our existence. Through returning characters she creates chaotic scenes of non-linear narratives that fit into each other like puzzle pieces in a newly formed universe. This naturally morphs together into large scale, detailed works, with satirical and philosophical undertones.

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