Public Announcement: Award Winners Best of Graduates 2022

Galerie Ron Mandos proudly present the winners of the RM Residency Award, the RM Photo Talent Award, and the RM Public Choice Award of 2022. During the award ceremony on Saturday 27 August, Gunay Uslu, the Dutch State Secretary for Culture and Media, announced the winners of the three final awards:

The RM Photo Talent Award winner of 2022 is Kwadwo Amfo.
The RM Residency Award winner of 2022 is Anton Shebetko.
The RM Public Choice Award winner of 2022 is Bobbi Essers.

Congratulations to all of you!

You can find some comments from the jury report below:

Kwadwo Amfo creates photographs, films, and sculptures of great craftmanship. His works have a tremendous appeal, which upon getting closer don’t let go. They are layered and refreshing. Each time you learn something new. A bronze sculpture of the artist appears to be a 3D print based on four different faces. His portraits from the series Silhouette insist on their ambiguity; on being a beautiful representation, while at the same time presenting the harsh realities of social inequality.

Anton Shebetko‘s works are immediately clear in their message about the Russian invasion in the Ukraine, yet they require attention and discussion. They call for rethinking the war, rethinking your judgments about people. They call for action, but also to stand still, to reflect and to remember. Despite seeing so many images of the war everyday, Anton Shebetko is able to get something out of it that is innovative and clever. His works show something that we haven’t seen in the news yet.

Bobbi Essers was chosen by the public as the most favorite artist from Best of Graduates 2022. We are immensely proud to present this award to this very talented painter who is able to portray the intimacy between her friends with an incredibly accurate touch. Her work leaves you longing, but at the same time makes you reflect about your desires, what intimacy looks like and how we are connected as human beings.