Opening Soon: Ivan Grubanov & Marcin Dudek

We are delighted to invite you to the public opening of two new exhibitions at the gallery. On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January between 12:00 and 6:00 PM, we welcome you to our gallery for Ivan Grubanov’s For God and My Country and Marcin Dudek’s Trans Hooligans.

Click on the button below to reserve your time slot for the opening weekend. If you cannot make it to the public opening on 22-23 January, you can reserve a time-slot for the general opening hours of the gallery here. The weekend of 22-23 January is also the Joint Opening Weekend organized by Amsterdam Art. Visitors can map their own route and visit various galleries for the opening of new exhibitions.

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In For God and My Country, Ivan Grubanov presents a series of new installations and paintings made of national flags and worker suits. The Serbian artist explores the notion of nationalism through his memories of the bloody civil conflict that broke the former Yugoslavia apart. Grubanov addresses the question what it means to be part of a nation-state, what it means to try to leave national membership, and what it means to be associated with a nation.

Trans Hooligans is Marcin Dudek’s first exhibition at the gallery. Through his own experiences as a young hooligan supporter of the Krakow football team, the artist explores materials, messages, and political contexts of the football stadium. These explorations help us to understand the functioning of the human psyche, of our insatiable need to belong to a community, and our thirst for recognition and hierarchy.