Galerie Ron Mandos is pleased to welcome our newest Groningen-based artist Coen Vunderink (Dalfsen, 1979). Vunderink will kick off his start at the gallery with his solo exhibition 'Paradise'. In this show, his most recent paintings and sculptures will be presented.

The exhibtion will take place from Saturday July 4th untill Saturday August 1st.
Opening: Saturday July 4th between 5 - 7 pm.

Painting and sculpture are closely connected in Coen Vunderink’s studio practice. Sculptural works function as a motif in his paintings, while he takes a painterly approach to many of his sculptures. The impetus for this cross-pollination is Vunderink’s interest in the genesis, the creation of the work of art, and the interplay of forces that come into effect to enable this process. His recent paintings, created with spray paint, home in on the dualism between figure and ground, between monochrome and stereoscopy, in painted constellations that appear to vibrate gently.

Text by Dominic van den Boogerd, 2011, Amsterdam.