Too much of a good thing? by Edo Dijksterhuis

"(..) For a light touch head to Ron Mandos, where Maurice van Tellingen’s wall sculptures never fail to make visitors smile. Van Tellingen takes the banal – a toilet, a sidewalk, a washing machine – and lifts it to the level of theater. In the category of hardcore installation art demanding more analytical brainpower, Fons Welters and Annet Gelink are the places to go. Welters’ first solo presentation of Saskia Noor van Imhoff is aesthetically pleasing and intellectually interesting enough, but the artist’s visual language is almost uncomfortably close to that of gallery star David Jablonowski and could turn out to be just fashionable. The work by David Maljkovic at Gelink has more proven staying power. In collages and sculptural objects he revisits motives from earlier works. An animation based on a sixties Croatian cartoon, accompanied by amplified mechanical noise, nicely ties together the visual essay about architecture, modernism, memory and desire. (..)"


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