Lieven Hendriks | Mirages

Lieven Hendriks‘s solo exhibition Mirages at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn runs from October 2, 2022 through January 15, 2023.

Nails in the wall, a fogged up mirror, or a dusty car with a finger line pulled through it: Lieven Hendriks takes the commonplace as his subject matter. He employs his technical virtuosity to expose the viewer to a different take on painting, different to how we normally view painting. And while his images appear at first glance to be crystal clear, they also sow a seed of doubt because of their ambiguity.

CODA Museum made a video with Lieven Hendriks in which the artist talks about his work and how the exhibition came about. To watch the video click on the button below.

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ABOUT Lieven Hendriks

Lieven Hendriks takes everyday subjects in which the human touch is visible as a starting point for his work. For example, he paints nails in walls, stars and vases cut out of paper, and finger drawings on foggy windows. By using trompe l’oeil effects, his flat canvases appear as loosely stretched linens, deceiving the eyes of the viewer. In his work, Lieven Hendriks, plays a game with the nature of observation. His paintings anticipate how we look at art, how we focus our attention, and how this process is affected by surrounding circumstances. In this way, his work touches directly on the essence of painting and the value attached to it.

Creating hyperreal illusions requires mastery of one’s technique. When seeking to deceive his audience, Hendriks pulls out all the stops to make his work absolutely lifelike. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the illusion. For the artist, painting amounts first and foremost to a conscious demonstration of the highest professional skill. He uses his technical virtuosity to make the viewer think about the way we are used to look at paintings. Although his images seem to be crystal clear at first, they actually make us doubt through their ambiguity.

Lieven Hendriks (1970) studied at the HKU in Utrecht and was a resident at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. His work is part of many renowned international collections, including Museum Voorlinden, ESMoA Los Angeles, and the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.