Katinka Lampe | Behind a painted smile

Behind a painted smile

In hoeverre is de gemoedstoestand van de kunstenaar achter de glimlach van het model te ontdekken…

Tentoonstelling in De Vishal, van 29 januari tot en met 5 maart 2016.
De feestelijke opening is op vrijdag 29 januari om 18.00 uur. U bent hiervoor van harte uitgenodigd.

Met werk van: Sam Dillemans, Katinka Lampe, Ruud van Empel, Sam Drukker, Annemiek Vera, Henk Visch en Hans de Bruijn (gastcurator).

Gastcurator Hans de Bruijn onderzocht samen met een aantal kunstenaars de innerlijke wereld achter de glimlach van een model. In hoeverre is het de gemoedstoestand van de kunstenaar die te zien is in het model. Of is het de uitdagende blik van het model zelf? Kan een model alleen mooi worden gevonden wanneer het passief is? Heeft het model nog een eigen wil of verlangen, een eigen subjectiviteit?

De kunstenaars nodigen de bezoekers uit mee te gaan in deze zoektocht: wat (of: wie)zit er achter de painted smile.


ABOUT Katinka Lampe

Katinka Lampe traverses the realms of figurative, expressionist, and abstract painting in her soft, yet uncanny, portraits. Her works, though imbued with a sense of realism, are not meant to represent those that they depict. Resemblance is not the defining characteristic of these pieces. Instead, the artist sees the figures as visual impressions that, once transformed by her gaze, become representative of larger themes within society, rather than the individual.

Lampe often uses accessories loaded with connotation to provoke loose characterizations of theme and mood. The imposed roles played by her models, their poses, expressions, and their way of being dressed, mostly copied from magazines, the internet or old master paintings, obscure their personality and provoke deeper and subjective meaning in the minds of the viewers. Through these juxtapositions the artist explores important societal themes relating to identity, aging, color, and the ever-growing dependence on media.

Katinka Lampe is an artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She received her degree from the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally in a variety of galleries, museums, and prominent art fairs such as Museum Arnhem, Arnhem,NL: Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam, NL; Singer Museum, Laren, NL, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, NL ; Untitled Art San Francisco, USA and Untitled, Art, Miami Beach, USA. Her work is included in the collections of 21C Museum Hotels, USA; West Sun Capital Collection, Montreal,CA: Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, NL; APMA, AmorePacific Museum of Art Seoul, KR; Museum van Loon, Amsterdam, NL; C.N.A.P Centre National des Arts Plastique, Paris, FR; Museum More, Gorssel, NL; Schunck*, Heerlen, NL; Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam,Nl; De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, NL; ING Collection, Amsterdam, NL; Art Curial, Paris, FR; Frisseras Museum Athens, GR, and Cobra to Contemporary/The Brown Family Collection.

Katinka Lampe was born in 1963 in Tilburg, NL
She lives and works in Rotterdam, NL