The Collection, A selection of Chinese works

27 January - 5 September 2016

List of artists:

Ai Weiwei - born in 1957 in Beijing
Huang Yong Ping - born in 1954 in Xiamen
Zhang Huan - born in 1965 in An Yang
Yan Pei-Ming - born in 1960 in Shanghai
Xu Zhen - bron in 1977 in Shanghai
Yang Fudong - born in 1971 in Beijing
Cao Fei - born in 1978 in Canton
Zhang Xiaogang - born in 1958 in Kunming
Tao Hui - born in 1987 in Chongqinq
Zhou Tao - born in 1976 in Changsha
Isaac Julien - born in 1960 in London

The new exhibition will present a selection of Chinese works from the Collection of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, with eleven artists.

Level 2
The route starts at the last level (2) in the gallery 10/11 with Tree of Ai Weiwei, Huang Yong Ping's works and Long Island Buddha of Zhang Huan, monumental works, imbued with a contemplative dimension, combining Eastern and references Western.
Gallery 9: History of large format paintings Yan Pei-Ming and Zhang Huan use a monochrome of black and gray which gives them a dramatic dimension. In the center stands the sculpture of Xu Zhen, Eternity, which superimposes two icons: a famous bodhisattva and tthe Victory of Samothrace. WIth New (8 Gallery), Xu Zhen Guan Yin transforms, one of the most revered goddesses of the Chinese Buddhist pantheon in Figure popiste considerably enlarged and colorized.

Level 1
Gallery 5, two facilities Tonight Moon (2000) and New Women II (2014) Yang Fudong to plunge the audience into a dream atmosphere. From April 201y6, the entire 5 black and white film cycle Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest, by the same artist, will be shown in galleries 1,2 and 3. Gallery 6: Cao Fei uses his videos of animation, Second Life codes, combining different universes from pop and traditional culture. Gallery 7: My ideal, ZhangXiaogang, consists of paintings and five sculptures. This family and social portrait shows the various figures of Chinese society: worker, peasant, student, soldier, and merchant.

Level 0
Gallery 4: The course ends with the installation Ten Thousand Waves of Isaac Julien. Tribute to Chinese culture with specific references (calligaphy, cinema of the 30s etc ...), the work was designes in collaboratino with the great figures of the art scene. On the polyphonic mode, the installation crosses the story of a news story involving Chinese workers with the Chinese legend of the goddess Mazu, played byh the star Maggie Cheung.

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