Isaac Julien at the PalaisPopulaire Berlin

The PalaisPopulaire in Berlin is pleased to be hosting an exhibition devoted to Isaac Julien, an award-winning British artist and filmmaker known for his impressive lyrical films and video installations. The exhibition of PLAYTIME includes works from the Wemhöner Collection.

Five years after the profound global financial crisis, Julien presented the film Playtime in 2013. In it, he addresses a fundamental question: how can capital be visualized?⁠ ⁠⁠On view in Germany for the first time, PLAYTIME is more topical than ever. It is about networking, interconnectedness, and the influence that capital, which eludes any explicit possibility of representation, has on all political, social and societal spheres and thus on the lives of almost everyone on the planet.⁠ ⁠⁠Read more via the link below.

Practical Information:⁠
‘Isaac Julien: PLAYTIME⁠ – Works from the Wemhöner Collection’⁠
Date: 8th of March – 10th of July, 2023⁠
Location: PalaisPopulaire, Berlin⁠

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