Huize Frankendael, the 18th-century manorial estate, discloses the house as an exhibition space for contemporary art. They now present:

‘Een dwaze zomer op Huize Frankendael’
31st May – 8th November

'A true Romantic revival will take place in our park as we proudly present our new exhibition A foolish summer at Huize Frankendael. In the 19th century, so-called follies popped up in the gardens of the elite all over Europe. These small, imaginative constructions could present themselves in about any form – be it the old ruins of an ancient structure (like the ruin that is still on view in Park Frankendael) or an exotic pagoda. Anything was possible, as these fanciful little buildings were supposed to amaze and encourage reflection.'

Seven contemporary artists, including Inti Hernandez, show their own interpretation of this curious cultural phenomenon.

Huize Frankendael is open to the public on Sundays from 12- 5 PM.
Free admission. A free guided tour (in Dutch) starts at 12.

Huize Frankendael, Middenweg 72, Amsterdam.
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