Interview with Ron Mandos for Art Rotterdam 2024

GalleryViewer recently published an interview by Pienk de Gaay Fortman with gallery owner Ron Mandos about the 25th anniversary of Galerie Ron Mandos and the upcoming Best of Graduates presentation at Art Rotterdam 2024.

“Galerie Ron Mandos is celebrating its 25th anniversary at Art Rotterdam 2024 and sparing no expenses with Best of Graduates Legacy – 25 Years of Galerie Ron Mandos, showcasing 25 young artists who have participated in the Best of Graduates programme at the gallery over the past five years. In addition to serving as a springboard for emerging talent, Galerie Ron Mandos represents over 30 renowned artists, including Isaac Julien, Hans Op de Beeck, Esiri Erheriene-Essi, Mohau Modisakeng and Atelier Van Lieshout. Together with the founder and driving force behind the gallery, Ron Mandos, Art Rotterdam is highlighting this milestone achievement. We also look forward to the large-scale booth that will be on display during Art Rotterdam, featuring a special design by Tom Postma Design. Mandos comments, ‘The art world has no future without young talent. This is why I think that fostering the career development of young artists is so important.'”

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