Geert Mul: Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend

This weekend, Geert Mul will present three big works in his studio during the Big Rotterdam Atelier Weekend. ⁠The three works he will be presenting are: Breaking Dawn Forever, Natureally and Queries in algorithmic landscapes. Scroll down for more information about the three works.

Breaking Dawn Forever
For Breaking Dawn Forever, Geert Mul photographed a 500 year-old oak tree, a so-called ‘Kroezeboom’, which marks a border or crossroads. The light behind the photograph, which is printed on a sheet of glass, changes colour and intensity over the course of fifty minutes: from warm to cold chalky white. From cool and piercing moonlight to the soft light of the rising sun. This subtly changes the still photograph into a cinematic image.

With the work Natureally (2017), media artist Geert Mul presents an illusion of nature and landscape through artificial light in combination with processed images of nature. You see a monumental old oak tree in a life-size and intensely coloured heather landscape. It is a fictional landscape that Geert Mul created from a collage of various landscapes in different seasons. The photo collage is made in an extremely high resolution so that despite its dimensions (4.5 x 8 meters), it is still razor-sharp at close range. You can see the veins of every leaf, the grooves in the trunk become almost tangible, a hyper-realism, as in Japanese traditional painted landscapes in which literally every leaf of a tree or bush is depicted.

Queries in algorithmic landscapes
Is an immersive installation in which the space would be filled with projected leas, clouds and other scenes of nature. “A.I. and the Other” is creative research by Geert Mul. The research focusses on the reciprocal relationship between the notions of I, The Other and Media. In a series of artworks, Mul explores the ‘I’ and ‘the other’ in the context of technological media. Databased Dialogues for Algorithmic Landscapes was the first artwork in this series, it consists of audio samples from hundreds of Hollywood movie dialogues which contain the questions ‘Who are you?’ or ‘Who Am I ?’. and responses to those questions, for example ‘Who do you want me to be ?’ Mul constructed several dialogues from these movie text samples and placed them in computer-generated scenes of nature: floating leaves, clouds, rain, snow.

ABOUT Geert Mul

Born in 1965 in Alphen aan den Rijn, NL
Lives and works in Rotterdam, NL

Geert Mul has been exploring for over 25 years the possibilities of a poetry in the language of new media. This resulted in a flow of experimental artworks in a wide range of media: prints, light-objects, video and interactive/generative computer installations. In Mul’s works, the interrelationship between technology, media and perception is a central theme. Mul’s practice engages the broader public through commissioned artworks in public space.

Geert Mul studied art from 1985 -1990 at the HKA Arnhem where he graduated with computer animations, video and kinetic sculptures. After his studies, he traveled in Mexico, the United States and Asia. He resided for one year in Tokyo. Since 1993 Mul lives and works in Rotterdam, Holland. In the mid-1990s, Mul became one of the first VJs, in the alternative Techno scene. These events grew into interactive audio-visual environments, commissioned artworks and installations which were exhibited in a variety of contexts: public space, museums and festivals. Mul has produced over 20 commissioned art installations and exhibited at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Japan, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia Madrid, Institute Valencia Arte Moderne, Museum of contemporary Art Chicago.

Geert Mul teaches “Unstable Media” at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (DogTime).