GalleryViewer: Interview Sander Coers

GalleryViewer recently published an interview with Sander Coers, winner of the RM Photo Talent Award 2021. In the interview Coers talks about his work and especially his new series Blue Mood (Al Mar), of which we show work at Unseen 2022. Read the entire article by Wouter van den Eijkel via the link below.

Sander Coers presents his new series Blue Mood (Al Mar) at this edition of Unseen. The series is the sequel to the acclaimed Come Home series, which won the RM Photo Award last year. In his work, Coers explores what it means to be a young man by following his friends in their spare time in Zeeland, where he grew up, and during summers on the Spanish beaches. Where the Come Home series was an intimate coming-of-age story, Blue Mood (Al Mar) is about letting go of youth and the fear of growing up.

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ABOUT Sander Coers

Born 1997 in Terneuzen, The Netherlands
Lives and works in Rotterdam, NL

Sander Coers is a Rotterdam-based artist working with photography. Recreating and rearranging memories, he reflects on his own stories as well as those of his friends and peers, often other young men. Through a tender gaze, he seeks to visualise and establish new perceptions of masculinity within melancholic, romantic and dreamlike worlds, comprising elements from nostalgic echoes of his youth.