Best of Graduates: Looking Back, Looking Forward | Niek Hendrix

Before we start looking forward to Best of Graduates 2021, we’d like to shed light on some of our Best of Graduates alumni. What did participating in the Best of Graduates mean to them? And what are they up to now? Let’s find out! ⁠

Featured BOG Alumni:⁠
Name: Niek Hendrix⁠
Academy: St. Joost Academy, Breda⁠
Medium: Painting⁠
BOG Year: 2011⁠
Currently represented by @galerierogerkatwijk in Amsterdam ⁠

Q: What meant participating in The Best of Graduates for you?
A: There are some far away mystical places when you’re at art school. Ron Mandos’ Best of Graduates show is such a place. Not only the very first show upon graduation, but it is also the recognition that your work matters from a powerhouse gallery. It is the first piece of melting ice floe for many to come.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?
A: The past year has been a weird one. Despite of all the developments in the world, I have a full schedule this year. I like working on multiple things at the same time, as crossovers between shows are name of the game. So I am working in the studio a lot.

Q: What is typical about your work?
A: You tell me what is typical about my work. The last thing a fish discovers is their own water.

Q: What is your biggest influence? And how can we see that in your work?
A: There are many fields of interest that relate to my work, so it is hard to pinpoint a specific one. But one that is worth mentioning is the work of Daan van Golden. I co-curate a show with artists that build upon his artistic legacy. (After Daan van Golden. 5 september – Parts Project, the Hague)