And the winners are…

We proudly present the winners of the RM Residency Award, the RM Photo Talent Award, and the RM Public Choice Award of 2021: Joseph Thabang Palframan, Sander Coers, and Cas van der Steen, Congratulations!⁠
During today’s award ceremony, Roderick van der Lee (Director of Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam) announced that Sander Coers (Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam) is the recipient of the RM Photo Talent Award of 2021. Winning the Photo Talent Award means that work by Sander Coers will be shown in our Unseen fair presentation of 2022.⁠
This year’s winner of the RM Public Choice Award is Cas van der Steen (AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch). Jacquill G. Basdew (Director of the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation) presented the award to the talented artist. Winning this award means that Cas van der Steen will make the official design of Best of Graduates 2022.⁠
Finally, Dutch visual artist Joep van Lieshout announced that Joseph Thabang Palframan (KABK, The Hague) is the winner of the RM Residency Award. The winner of the RM Residency Award will be given a studio residence at AVL Mundo in Rotterdam, including support and guidance during this period.⁠

Read below excerpts from the Jury Reports.

“The RM Photo Talent Award adds an exceptional talent to it’s roster with this year’s winner Sander Coers. The young photographer has already found a beautiful signature of his own; his work is confident yet tender, cinematic yet intimate, and seductive above all.”

Roderick van der Lee | Director of Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam

“I am more than pleased to see that this year the minds, and most likely also the hearts of the public, point towards an artist who, through his work, strives for a less violent, more peaceful understanding of society. And who wants to see a world that is not about separation but about participation, compassion and inclusivity. I am beyond proud that AKV St. Joost graduate Cas van der Steen has been named as the winner of this year’s RM Public Choice award – Congratulations Cas!”

Jacquill G. Basdew | Director of the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation

“Working spaces are very important for young artists. Twelve years ago I created a non-profit organization, AVL Mundo, which not only takes care of my own heritage, but also organizes exhibitions, makes projects that are almost impossible, and manages a residency program where artists can work inside our space and be mentored. We invite other artists, curators, and collectors to help the resident making the next step in their career. Last year, Shimon Kamada was the resident at AVL Mundo. This year, I’m proud to announce that the intelligent, social and hard-working artist Joseph Thabang Palframn will be our new resident.”

Joep van Lieshout | Visual Artist