And the winner is….

We Have A Winner: Milah van Zuilen receives the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2021

During today’s award ceremony, Barbara Bos (Head of Exhibitions at Museum Voorlinden) announced that Milah van Zuilen is the recipient of the 2021 Ron Mandos Young Blood Award. Winning this award means that a selection of works by Van Zuilen will be placed in the permanent collection of Museum Voorlinden – Congratulations Milah van Zuilen!⁠

“Milah’s work is a personal investigation of an everyday activity executed in a very poetic way. The work whispers to us, invites us to take a closer look. It is conceptual and at the same time appealing to our imagination. A beautiful gem that is both topical and timeless. We are very happy to include this work to our collection, and look forward to follow artistic journey.” ⁠
Barbara Bos | Head of Exhibitions at Museum Voorlinden⁠


About the artist
Milah van Zuilen graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam⁠. She is a visual artist and forest ecologist in training. She aims to bend the fields of art and ecology closer towards each other. To her, scientific ways of observing, analysing and capturing are very similar to artistic ways of seeing. Through pseudo-scientific fieldwork, she researches this similarity and questions the sense of ownership that can come with scientifically looking at the land.⁠


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