A Warm Welcome to Cuban Art at the Gallery

This past weekend marked a significant occasion for Galerie Ron Mandos and Amsterdam’s art community with the openings of two Cuban art exhibitions. The preview on Friday, November 10, and the official opening on Saturday, November 11, provided a space for celebration and appreciation of Cuban culture and artistic expression.

The group show The Permanent Journey, curated by Cristina Vives, brought together the works of ten Cuban artists, each exploring the concept of travel in its various forms—from physical journeys to spiritual and imaginative explorations. The exhibition includes pieces by José A. Figueroa, Yoan Capote, Fernando Rodríguez Falcón, Marta María Pérez Bravo, Belkis Ayón, Linet Sánchez Gutiérrez, Alejandro Campins, Jacqueline Maggi, and Tomás Sánchez. The artists’ impressive works invite viewers to consider the complexities of identity, memory, and migration, subjects deeply rooted in Cuban history and personal narratives.

Simultaneously, the gallery introduced In pursuit of a life without regret, a solo exhibition by Inti Hernandez. The exhibition reflects on Hernandez’s personal and artistic journey since his move to the Netherlands two decades ago, influenced by the philosophical thoughts of Baruch Spinoza. His works, ranging from transformed everyday objects to contemplative paintings, engage with themes of nature, sustainability, and cultural introspection.

The opening events were such lovely, warm occasions, as attendees—ranging from longtime admirers to new enthusiasts of Cuban art—engaged with the artworks, the artists, and with one another. The exhibitions provided a platform for the artists to display their creativity and for the visitors to experience the rich history of Cuban cultural heritage.

Both The Permanent Journey and In pursuit of a life without regret will be available for viewing until January 7, 2024. Our special thanks go to Nestor Kim for his photography during the events this weekend.