25 Years of Galerie Ron Mandos

Dear friends,

2024 marks an important year as the gallery celebrates its 25th anniversary. I look forward to coming together for a special program we curated in and outside the gallery.

Our celebratory year kicked off with a unique program at Art Rotterdam 2024, shining a spotlight on the future of the art world. Presenting: Best of Graduates Legacy — an exhibition featuring 25 young artists who have participated in our Best of Graduates program over the past 5 years. Visit the fair page here, for more information.

The second segment of our anniversary program unfolds in May and June. At the gallery in Amsterdam, we will showcase an exhibition highlighting artworks by all our resident artists, paying homage to the diverse talents that have played a crucial role in shaping our identity today.

I am excited for these special presentations, and I hope we can meet you all at the gallery to raise a glass and celebrate our anniversary together!

With warm regards,

Ron Mandos

25 Years of Galerie Ron Mandos

Our 25th-anniversary celebration weekend at Galerie Ron Mandos featured not just the art inside but also festive activities on the streets outside. Attendees enjoyed celebratory speeches and a lively atmosphere during both the opening and the preview. The opening included a performance by Dutch artist Olaf Mooij with his DJ Mobile, along with music from special guest DJ Theo Stay Hungry from London. Together, they provided a fitting soundtrack for the evening, complementing the social and celebratory mood as guests mingled, danced, and celebrated the gallery’s milestone.

Article in Het Parool Magazine

Our founder, Ron, has been thoughtfully interviewed by Het Parool. A heartfelt thank you goes to the author, Jan Pieter Ekker, for articulating our philosophy so eloquently, and to Koos Breukel for the wonderful portraits that accompany the piece. As much as art is about passion, it’s enlightening to discuss all facets of the gallery’s operation, including the ups and downs of the art world. ⁠This conversation is about our love for art and its impact. (Read the article using the gallery below or click on the link for the Het Parool website.)

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Interview in Metropolis M

In an insightful interview with Domeniek Ruyters of Metropolis M, Ron Mandos reflects on his 25-year career. The conversation delves into the distinction between art flippers and genuine art lovers, underscoring Mandos’s dedication to nurturing true appreciation for art. Celebrating the remarkable success of his Best of Graduates program, Mandos highlights its role in spotlighting emerging talent. He also shares why major international artists are drawn to collaborate with him, attributing it to his unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and fostering a vibrant, supportive art community.

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Article in Tableau Magazine

We have recently been featured in Tableau Magazine, reflecting on the 25 remarkable years of Galerie Ron Mandos. From our beginnings in Rotterdam to making a mark in Amsterdam, we have embraced transformation and the power of art to connect.

⁠⁠Our journey, as told by Tableau, isn’t just about showcasing talent; it’s about creating a platform for emerging artists and being part of a global art conversation. We’ve grown together, celebrating creativity and innovation every step of the way. Our thanks go to Marjolein Sponselee for her words and kindness.

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Article in COLLECT

The recent feature in COLLECT covers the 25-year journey of Galerie Ron Mandos, focusing on Ron’s philosophy of art as a living entity and his dedication to creating a welcoming environment for artists and collectors.

The article highlights his unique approach, influenced by his diverse background and personal experiences — from a transformative encounter with Picasso’s Guernica to his florist past, emphasizing the gallery’s role in nurturing artistic talent and contributing to the broader art world.

Interview with Ron Mandos

Art Rotterdam and GalleryViewer published an interview by Pienk de Gaay Fortman with gallery owner Ron Mandos about the 25th anniversary of Galerie Ron Mandos and the upcoming Best of Graduates Legacy presentation at Art Rotterdam 2024.

The art world has no future without young talent. This is why I think that fostering the career development of young artists is so important.” — Ron Mandos

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Art Rotterdam 2024

During Art Rotterdam 2024, we celebrated not only our own 25th year in the art world but also the fair’s same milestone anniversary. This year’s showcase has been exceptionally memorable as we commemorate this dual achievement with a special Best of Graduates Legacy presentation, an exhibition featuring 25 young artists who have participated in our Best of Graduates program over the past 5 years.

Best of Graduates Legacy was generously supported by Art Rotterdam, Marques Vormmakers, Tom Postma Design, the VandenEnde Foundation, and the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation. Special thanks to curators Radek Váňa and Lars Been.

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25th Anniversary Dinner at Atelier van Lieshout

On Friday 2 February, we celebrated our anniversary with a festive dinner at Atelier van Lieshout. It was a very special evening with many kind words and a lot of warmth that was shared. Looking ahead, we are thrilled for the next chapter: celebrating new milestones and creating exciting and adventurous projects. Here’s to another 25 years of art, friendship, and collaboration!