Following on previous years, team Ron Mandos along with curator Radek Vana have gone off to visit the Dutch art academies to select new and upcoming talents for the summer exhibition the Best of Graduates of 2014. Once again, it has become an interesting exhibition where a wide variety of media, styles and methods come together. This surprising exhibition provides a topical view on the premises and fascinations among newly graduated artists while simultaneously creating interesting dialogues between diverse ranges of young artistic practices.


Since the first presentation of this project took place at the Amsterdam exhibition space ‘De Veemvloer ‘ in 2005, THE BEST OF GRADUATES has become a well-attended annual event at Galerie Ron Mandos. This 10th edition of the quest for talent proves again that Dutch academies provide a solid starting point for the careers of young artists. A striking feature of this edition is the number of promising painters and artists who work with sculptures and spatial installations. Additionally, we noticed an unexpected sense of humour that in some cases took shape in ambiguous mockery towards the art world. From these trends, we have brought together exemplary works.

There are works on show by Rik van Santen, Oreo Cho, Cholena the Koningh, Lisa-Marie Vlietstra and Jannemarein Renout of Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy. From the Royal Academy in The Hague, we welcome artists Mirthe Kluck, Jordan Herregraven, Adrian Mazzarolo, Thomas van Rijs and Jef Stapel. There are also works by Joanneke Jouwsma and Ingemar Jorijn Mulder from the ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem, Naama Zusman, Tim Hollander, Goof Kloosterman, Janine van Oene and Frederique Jonker from the HKU in Utrecht and Bernard van Dongen, Koes Staassen and Janina Frye from the St. Joost Academies in Breda and Den Bosch.

The participating artists also have a chance of winning the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award, which allows the winner to exhibit his or her work in the gallery or at a (inter) national art fair. In addition, as a guest of the exhibition, you can contribute by voting for your favourite contestant and determine who wins the Public’s Prize. Frank Koolen, artist, curator and art teacher at the HKU, will present both awards to the winners. The ceremony itself will take place on 23 August at 16:00.

Due to construction in the main gallery this exhibition will take place at a temporary location: Konijnenstraat 16A Amsterdam.