Laureate of the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes' mapXXL programme, Sandro Setola completed a residency at the Camden Arts Center from the 15th of July to the 30th of September 2005.

Setola shows some very recent pieces as well as work made during his residency in the Rijksakademie and drawings from the "Club Utopia" series, made during his residency in Delfina and Camden Arts Center. This series comprises a set of proposals for buildings that express a certain personality or state of mind rather than any evident function or purpose.

Natural phenomena and processes play an important role in the work of Sandro Setola (1976). Isolation and expansion and cycles of growth and decay recur again and again in his drawings, animations, sculptures and installations. He interprets the relation between those dramatic universal processes and everyday reality in a personal, poetic and simple manner.

In his recent works Setola studies the influence of urbanism and architecture on the individual and vice versa: to what extent the individual can effect his or her environment. Setola is particularly fascinated by the tension between utopian, experimental architecture and the ordinary built environment that most of us dwell in.