Sarah van der Pols


The new drawings by *Sarah van der Pols (Rotterdam, 1973)* depict this constantly moving human energy. This phenomenon is put to paper with the use of fleeting and fragile materials. Pencil, soot, charcoal, pigment ink, acrylic and silver paper form together contrasting images of life and destruction, at times literally expressed by scorching parts of the representational area.

The series *Poppy Fields* consist of drawings of mass graves. They glance into the earth; a creepy oasis, where pain is evident alongside beauty and calm. Just as the silver material used in the works turns black through the process of oxidation, the corpses lie in an underworld where they are cut off from oxygen and thus caught in perpetual state of decay.

The series *Amae* presents androgynous human figures transfixed in thought. At times they lie sedated in deep sleep, only for them to appear later standing upright as if demanding their right to existence. Amae is a Japanese word signifying a pleasant independence.

_You are more than welcome to come to the opening of this exposition on Sunday the 5th of October from 3 to 6 pm. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Zic Zerp (+ 31 (0) 627 823 456, zic@ronmandos.nl)._