Jacco Olivier, Bas Coenegracht, Carl-Johan Högberg, Stefan Peters, Diana Copperwhite, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh & Mark Swords


A number of gallery-represented artists will exhibit new work including Jacco Olivier (NL), Bas Coenegracht (NL) and Carl-Johan Högberg (SE). Bas Coenegracht has especially for this show completed a new series of urban landscapes that react to the transitory nature of contemporary city environments. In our video-room, Jacco Olivier will present his latest painterly film entitled Ozone (2012). A recent discovery by Galerie Ron Mandos is the work of Stefan Peters (BE). PAINTING NOW will showcase his round shaped canvases in which the artist reconstructs and simulates a variety of landscape images he collected from Google Earth. The gallery will also present work from a special selection of Irish artists represented by Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin (IRE). These special, small-scale and absorbing works from painters Diana Copperwhite, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh and Mark Swords will be shown in the back spaces of the gallery.

ABOUT Jacco Olivier

Jacco Olivier fuses painting and filmmaking by repeatedly reworking paintings in generous casual brush strokes and systematically photographing each development. The various stages are combined into projected animations. The resulting films are enigmatic and experiential - moving in and out of abstraction they reveal the traces and decisions made by the artist in the process of painting. While there is a clear and quite complex process involved in their creation, Olivier does not set a thematic agenda for the works, or for their relationship to one another. The films are instead imagined as windows onto converging, and often elegantly simple, moments of daily life - a bus journey, a swim in the ocean, or a walk through the woods. At this convergence of painting and cinema, however, lies an uneasy tension, a feeling that something is about to happen or has just happened that is unexpected and beyond our control.