Katinka Lampe


The title refers to the strong religious references encompassed in this latest body of work. Whereas previously she utilised secular motifs to generate tension in her work, now it is her use of classical and religious iconography that confront the viewer. Symbols from Islam and Catholicism such as a crown of thorns, a burka, or a cross imbue her work with an aura that irrevocably raises questions about truth, experience, belief, suffering and sadness. Without taking up any particular moral standpoint, the artist plays enticingly with this relevant and often controversial subject matter.

*Katinka Lampe* paints portraits. Still it is not a realistic likeness that gives these images their undoubted quality. It is rather her formal interventions, the addition of a burka, wig, sunglasses or mouth cap that lend her representations an alienated feel. The motifs she adds to her portraits are charged with meaning. What associations are raised when she combines a balaclava and dark sunglasses, with the soft, fragile face of a child? Lampe’s work invites the viewer to draw his own conclusions: a game of attracting and repelling, strong contrasts and more questions than answers.

_Katinka Lampe studied at the Academy of Art and Design in ‘s- Hertogenbosch. Her work has been included in a number of prestigious (private) collections such as Museum Stadsgalerij Heerlen, Centre National des Arts Plastique (Paris), AEGON Kunstcollectie, Akzo Nobel Art Foundation and De Nederlandsche Bank. Her work is currently being exhibited at the Kunsthal Rotterdam (until the 30th of May, 2010)._

Aside from this presentation, a selection of abstract paintings from *Jus Juchtmans (B)* and *Sybille Pattscheck (D)* will be on view in the back rooms of the gallery.

ABOUT Katinka Lampe

Katinka Lampe (1963, Tilburg, NL) traverses the realms of figurative, expressionist, and abstract painting in her soft, yet uncanny, portraits. Her works, though imbued with a sense of realism, are not meant to represent those that they depict. Resemblance is not the defining characteristic of these pieces. Instead, the artist sees the figures as visual impressions that, once transformed by her gaze, become representative of larger themes within society, rather than the individual. Lampe uses accessories loaded with connotation to provoke loose characterizations of theme and mood. The seemingly simple inclusion of wigs and false lashes, or the placement of a scarf, alter the interpretation of the children depicted and imply elevated symbolic and metaphorical status that requires deeper interpretation. The result creates a catalyst to provoke deeper and subjective meaning in the minds of the viewers. Through these juxtapositions the artist explores important societal themes relating aging, race, and the ever-growing dependence on media.

Katinka Lampe is an artist based out of The Netherlands. She received her degree from the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally in a variety of galleries, museums, and prominent art fairs such as Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam, Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem, and Untitlled Art Fair, Miami Beach. Her work is included in the collections of Museum 21C, United States; Museum Arnhem, Arnhem; APMA, AmorePacific Museum of Art Seoul, Korea; Salon Dahlmann, Berlin; Museum van Loon, Amsterdam; C.N.A.P Centre National des Arts Plastique, Paris; Museum More, Gorssel; Schunck*, Heerlen; De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam; Art Curial, Paris; Frisseras Museum Athens, Greece; and in many other prominent collections. Lampe’s work has been featured in numerous publications including ArtTravel Magazine, ELLE Décor, and Public Art Magazine, among others.