A new initiative (B2) from guest curators Jeannette ten Kate and Edwin van Wijngaarden have organised, in collaboration with Galerie Ron Mandos, an exhibition of four young Korean artists. Along with the exhibition, there will be several onsite events.

About the exhibition:
Korean Contemporary: Fusion unveils new Asian developments in the field of international contemporary art. The Korean based works display a diversity of themes and materials. which showcase similarities and connections between Asian and Western art. This is done through various techniques such as installations, videos, photographs, collages and paintings which will be held in Galerie Ron Mandos. The South Korean based artists thus create a surprising mix of an international visual language, with which they are having transcended their cultural background and are taking part in the global contemporary art conversation.


Jiyen Lee (Seoul, 1979) explores time and space that have no beginning or end in her photographic work, Ji Eun Kim (Seoul, 1977) states that the basic structures central to our living environment are key elements to her work, Jung Lee (Seoul, 1972) attempts to capture the effect of language in an image, and Wonkun Jun (Seoul, 1970) bases his paintings on the effect of color. With their own concepts and balanced way of working, the artists have proved to deliver a surprising contribution to the global art scene. They have taken part in global exhibitions in Singapore and Hong Kong (Espace Louis Vuitton), London (Saatchi Gallery), New York (Doosan Gallery) and Dusseldorf (Museum Kunst Palast).  Their work will be showcased for the first time in the Netherlands.

About B2:
Jeannette ten Kate and Edwin van Wijngaarden form a remarkable duo having already made their mark in their own industries. Ten Kate as an art consultant and director of Art’s Club and Van Wijngaarden with his fashion label, Just B. They now cooperate together and have launched a new initiative called B2. Their aim is to provide a platform for young emerging artists from the Far East.to merge their careers into the Western art world. B2 organises artists residencies, supports artists in their choices for further education, as well as organizes symposiums and lectures around the exhibitions of the artists.

Korean Contemporary: Fusion is spearheaded by B2 and will take place at Galerie Ron Mandos, already regarded for its international base of renowned and emerging artists. To coincide with this remarkable exhibition there will be many events in the gallery between March 28 and May 1, 2015, Prinsengracht 282.

For more information and images please contact Galerie Ron Mandos: Jet Peters, +31 (0) 20 32 07 036 | jet@ronmandos.nl or B2: Jeannette ten Kate +31 (0) 6 20 58 99 63, advies@sinopia.nl and www.sinopia.nl.

ABOUT Wonkun Jun

Wonkun Jun (KR, 1970) uses colour as the primary focus, it is a fundamental element in Jun’s paintings, which explore colour relationships and abstract elds of monochrome. The result is what Jun considers a glimpse into his consciousness—colour relationships that convey feeling and visualise his emotions, and which are imbued with an aura, a sense of age, and mystery. After completing his degrees in Seoul and Düsseldorf, Jun now lives and works in Düsseldorf. He has exhibited internationally in a.o. Korea, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States and Singapore. Jun is a former resident artist at Mark Rothko Center, Latvia and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea and his works are collected by renowned minimal painter Imi Knoebel. Wonkun Jun lives and works in Düsseldorf.