Possibilities by Ishmael Armarh is his first exhibition at the Galerie Ron Mandos. It is the result of a collaboration with the Noldor Residency, Ghana’s first independent artist residency and fellowship program for contemporary African artists on the continent as well as in the Diaspora. Armarh (GH, 1986) is the 2022 Visiting Fellow at the Noldor Residency in Accra, Ghana. The Noldor Residency is happy to confirm that he will be continuing his tenure as their 2023 Junior Fellow officially. The exhibition Possibilities at Galerie Ron Mandos will be on display from 1 October until 13 November, 2022.

Armarh’s work is about the constant dialogue between the Western gaze and the heterogeneous African identity. He seeks to explore this dialogue through references to traditional Ghanaian textile and contemporary forms of fashion. These motives are incorporated into his practice through a distinctive use of bright colors and pointillistic brushstrokes.

It is a deep desire of the artist to reimagine Black existence from an emancipated viewpoint. Whether his figures are in tribal regalia, be it as an Ashanti chief in gold or a local acquaintance in a neoclassical suit wearing a 1970s Dior Masai necklace, his subjects embrace their freedom. Possibilities by Ishmael Armarh comprises a body of work that is aspirational, which is reflected in the very opulence Armarh is depicting in his subjects.

ABOUT Ishmael Armarh

Ishmael Armarh (born 1986 in Accra, Ghana) is an emerging contemporary artist based in Accra. Even though his art comes naturally, he developed his artistic skills gradually from his primary education, through middle school up to the advanced level at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design. Graphic Design and painting were his areas of interest. The rich cultural heritage of his people can be described as a clear manifestation of his art. His work portrays his innermost feelings and activities within his surroundings. Armarh always loves to work with bright colors and clear brush strokes. He is the 2022 Visiting Fellow at the Noldor Residency.