Galerie Ron Mandos is happy to present In pursuit of a life without regret, a new solo exhibition by Cuban artist Inti Hernandez (1976). Two decades ago, Hernandez made the decision to relocate to the Netherlands, drawn to the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. This exhibition commemorates that pivotal moment and showcases his unique interpretation of the Dutch landscape, both in its physical form and as a profound metaphor.


Inspired by philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who coincidentally also called Amsterdam home, Hernandez navigates contemporary challenges such as balancing progress with sustainability. Just as Spinoza elucidated the tension between rationality and emotion, Hernández explores this struggle and its implications on human conduct. He uses mundane tools; carves them into wooden sculptures devoid of their practical function and makes them into symbols of discovery and art. These sculptures, along with his paintings that critique unnatural abundances, illustrate the need for a more sensible, thoughtful approach to sustainable progress.

Spinoza conceived nature as one’s true home, a complex web of interconnection. Similarly, Hernandez depicts nature as intimate and personal, creating scenes imbued with temperance, equilibrium, and individual accountability. He views the landscape as an extension of home, a means to comprehend and articulate the world in its primordial state. His paintings, which range from bucolic landscapes to tables laden with food, both celebrate nature’s abundance and critique our consumption patterns and estrangement from naturalness.

In his sculptures, Hernández reimagines mundane domestic items like typewriters and gloves, encapsulating his artistic journey and philosophy: the crafted wooden whistle (In Pursuit of My Ability to Get Lost) is emblematic of this process, symbolizing his transition from losing himself in art to trusting his instincts. The whistle’s transformation from a tool to a piece of wooden art removes its traditional guiding function. It emphasizes the belief that any place can be home, reflecting Hernández’s poetic perspective:

In pursuit of my ability to get lost, I turn away from my whistle. I leave it behind so that my walk teaches me to trust and enjoy what it finds in its path. In pursuit of my ability to get lost, I am willing to believe that any place can become my home. – Inti Hernandez

In pursuit of a life without regret draws inspiration from Hernández’s formative years at different art institutions in Cuba during the 1990s, where he developed his craft by incorporating elements of traditional romantic styles, both in painting and sculpture. During this period, painting played a significant role in his artistic expression. Now, after focusing predominantly on sculptures for a time, Hernández is rediscovering and reintegrating painting into his practice. Today, Hernández’s works transcend aesthetics, commenting on societal roles and advocating for a balance between individual aspirations and broader sustainability. This aligns with the Latin American concept of ‘buen vivir’ – living in harmony with oneself, society, and nature.

The exhibition juxtaposes the excess and vibrancy of paintings with the simplicity of sculptures, exploring ethics from abundance to minimalism and from recovery to waste. At its essence, Hernández’s art is a testament to empathy, memory, and a sustainable approach to life.

In this exploration, Abundance (part 1) stands out as a critical reflection on our choices and values. “A table overflowing with abundance. How much goes to waste? How much is truly necessary? Strawberries and oranges – fruits from vastly different climates – intermingle on the Dutch table, available year-round. What wealth has made this possible, and what are its consequences?” – Inti Hernandez.

ABOUT Inti Hernandez

The work of Inti Hernandez is embedded in the philosophy wherein life is defined as a perpetual flow of energy. In his view the question is no longer, “What can I pick out of this flow of energy to my personal liking and benefit?” but, “What could I contribute to this flow of life that is still missing? Hernandez believes that by finding answers to this question your ideas will always be welcome and will allow you something in return.

Hernandez sees art as a medium to create conversation and dialogue. The very nature of his work embodies collaboration. He explores meanings and triggers reflection through his artistic process and through the interaction with those who engage with his work. The more ideas are adopted as another’s subject, the more energy they gather and the more they connect to something fundamental. When ideas manage to create conversations they become something undeniable.

Architecture and Industrial design are both disciplines very much interconnected with daily life. In his work Hernandez plays with their language and with their multidisciplinary habits. By doing so he ensures a special flavour of common sense in his results. Through this process Hernandez obtains vital impute out of the dialogue with people, their dreams, ideas, necessities, priorities, spontaneity and initiative. He sees art as an established institution, which can be developed into business cases and showcases so that many other interests can participate with it- supporting it and being supported by it and thus gaining a benefit from it.

Inti Hernandez lives and works in between Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Havana (Cuba).