Galerie Ron Mandos is proud to present Zelf weten, a group exhibition curated by Hans Aarsman, and the solo exhibition shivelights and shadowtackle by Rob Johannesma.

Zelf weten
| Curated by Hans Aarsman

Aarsman (photographer, writer) does not like to follow opinions of others. He wants to find out himself. Therefore he is doing his own analyses and investigations. In this group exhibition Zelf weten he selected works by artists who, just like Aarsman himself, like to show the perceptions of their self-made researches. An exhibition that includes interesting indexes, unexpected investigations and even lessons from Sesame Street.

Works on show by Jessica Hagy, Maarten Sleeuwits, David Horvitz, Hans Aarsman, Hans Samsom, Claudia Sola, Mishka Henner, Christoph Niemann and Raymond Cuijpers.

shivelights and shadowtackle by Rob Johannesma
Johannesma is interested in images or, more specifically, the symbolic potential of images and the way this potential vacillates between historic and artistic spheres. During the last few years, Johannesma developed a complex methodology of  images, newspapers, content and contrasting photographic icons from the global media. Each image, when juxtaposed with others and comparatively analysed, provokes a concentrated re-reading or double take.