H. Op de Beeck, J. Olivier, I. Hernandez, M. Braspenning, A. Kleinjan & M. v Tellingen


Hans op de Beeck (1969, BE) will exhibit in the Netherlands for the first time his medium-length film 'Sea of Tranquillity' which combines live video recordings of actors and digitally-generated 3D environments in which the viewer makes a night-time visit to a mysterious, mythical cruise liner, the 'Sea of Tranquillity'.

Also presenting video-work, but of a very different kind is Jacco Olivier (1972, NL). The artist’s pieces are created through a process of photographing his small panel paintings which are edited into a video sequence. The motifs of his works are simple (a self portrait, a bather, a birds-eye landscape) and are in constant motion. In the longer works that he will show in this exhibition, time is compressed into a nearly abstract image that the viewer perceives in a contemplative state.

As well as this, Maurice van Tellingen (1957, NL) will showcase a number of new large-scale 3-D models, typical of his clean and contemplative style. Arthur Kleinjan (1970, NL) will present a recent example of one of his recent pieces of video poetry. Maurice Braspenning (1968, NL) will showcase recent monumental works on blackboard that deal with issues of power and censorship. Included are portraits of the pope and the artist Ai Wei Wei.

Inti Hernandez (1976, CU) will take part of the exhibition with a special performance during the opening. The result of this performance will be exhibited in the gallery during the exposition. In the project 'Propia Iniciativa' the artist investigates the relation between personal and public space.