Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998)
Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Born in Buenos Aires in 1998, Matias Salgado (Best of Graduates 2023) developed a passion for painting during his teenage years. His artistic journey began with courses focusing on the human figure, laying a foundation for his future work. Salgado’s art, characterized by its emphasis on the human form, has been featured in various shows and fairs since 2017, gaining attention from collectors worldwide. Salgado’s works also extend beyond the gallery space, with his art held in public collections at the Museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands and the Perez Art Museum in the USA, as well as in private collections in countries like Argentina, the United States, Malaysia, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany.

Drawing inspiration from a broad array of materials, Salgado creates imagery that is deeply rooted in the popular narratives and discourses of his Argentine background. He skillfully incorporates personal memories into common places and objects, imbuing them with his own unique perspective. This approach results in a captivating blend of figuration and abstraction in his works.

Salgado often recreates scenes where these elements combine and compete, giving rise to what he terms a ‘suggestive image’. These suggestive images invite viewers to delve into a world where personal and cultural narratives intertwine, offering a rich exploration of identity and memory.



  • 2023 Fine arts Degree, Minerva Art Academy, Netherlands


  • 2023 ‘Best of Graduates 2023’, Galerie Ron Mandos, NL
    Graduation show of minerva art academy in De Toekomst, NL
  • ‘Blushing Flesh’, TiniMini gallery, NL
  • 2022 ‘Arquitectures of Intimacy’, kersgallery, NL
  • 2021 Gallery noord, NL
    Roseum Gallery, AR
  • 2018 Balai Seni Negara, MY
  • 2017 Gallery Javier Baliña, AR
    Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, AR


  • 2023 BRUTUS, NL
    Clovermill Residency, NL
  • 2022 Studio Zookeeper Residency, NL

Public and Private Collections

  • Public Museum Voorlinden, NL
    Perez art Museum, USA
  • Private Argentina


  • 2023 Young Blood Award, ‘Best of graduates 2023’, Galerie Ron Mandos, NL
  • 2018 ARFA, 2nd prize, Balai Seni Negara, MY