Jan Hoek (1984) is a writer as well. In addition to his own indepedant work as an artist, he writes for magazines and newspapers about his own work, the work of others, photography in general and subjects related to his own work.

Jan Hoek has photographed amateur models, mentally ill homeless people in Africa, a girl with no arms and legs, a heroin addict who dreams of being a model, or people he has simply found in advertisements on the internet. The photo shoot is never what he expected, model and photographer always have different expectations. The model actually wants sex while Jan Hoek wants to shoot the dog. The model tries to be as glamorous as possible, while Jan wants to picture the decay. Photographing is not just about the image but also the relationship between the photographer and the model. How far can you go with your models? In the accompanying film, Me & My Models, Jan talks about the nasty, funny, painful or touching things that happen around photographing people.

“I believe there is always a certain degree of ethics involved in photography. It is almost impossible to take photographs of people without consciously, or unconsciously, crossing boundaries and with things happening that you don’t want or expect. I feel this is often covered up in photography, while I would like to show it … ”



  • 2008-2012 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL


  • 2018 Boda Boda Madness, Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam
  • 2017 Boda Boda Madness, Photoville, New York
    Duo presentation with Boris Mikhailov, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
  • 2016 New Supermodels, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam , NL
    Unfair, solo presentation, Westergasterrein, Amsterdam
    Sistaaz of the Castle, in collaboration with fashion designer Duran Lantink, presented at Amsterdam Fashion Week; Foam, Amsterdam
    Shooting Stars, solo exhibition, FOMU, Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2015 Solo presentation, guest Galerie Ron Mandos in Citroën garage Amsterdam. Part of Unseen Festival
    Panorama Carland, outdoor Panaroma at Gashoudervijver, Unseen Photo Festival, Amsterdam
    Riot, ‘Me & My Models the Gold Edition’, solo exhibition, Gent, Belgium
    The Stan/Jan-show, about the collaboration between Jan Hoek and Stan Aziz Abdul, a street painter living in Kumasi, Ghana, exhibition in: De Balie, Amsterdam
  • 2014 Lagos photo, photo festival – New Ways Of Photographing The New Masai, NG
    Unseen, photo fair represented by Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam, New Ways Of Photographing The New Masai, NL
    Residency Surface Arts, Chiang-Mai, TH
    He Xiangning Art Museum, group show curated by Foam Amsterdam, Shenzhen, CN
    The Space Between Us, group show, Felix & Foam, Amsterdam, NL
    The Moving Museum of Clothes, group show, CEC Zuid-Oost, NL
    Art Rotterdam, represented by Galerie Ron Mandos, NL
  • 2013 New works of painting, photo and sculpture at the Margulies collection, Warehouse, Miami, US
    In Delta Flux, group show curated by Impakt, Jakarta, ID
    Art in Redlight, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, NL
    Middle Gate ’13 (group show curated by Jan Hoet), Geel, BE
    Sweet Crazies, Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos, NG
    Wool Week Expo, Oude Kerk, (group show) Amsterdam
    Mzungu The Exhibition, collaboration with Tanzanian KFI-students, Arusha, TZ
    $€XXX, show in collaboration with fashion designer Nieuw Jurk, 2PR, Amsterdam, NL
    Me & My Models, (solo exhibition) New Holland, St. Petersburg, RU
    Group Show, Easy Living, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, NL
    Group Show, Van Perskamer tot Kunstpaleis, The Times, Amsterdam, NL
    Unfair, The Sweet Crazies That Didn’t Want To Be Photographed, Amsterdam
    Me & My Models, solo exhibition, Foam, Amsterdam
  • 2012 Contemporary Istanbul, represented by Galerie Ron Mandos, Istanbul
    Viewing ‘Me & My Models’, Impakt Festival, Utrecht
    Pop up-nl, London, represented by Galerie Ron Mandos
    Unseen, represented by Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
    Solo exhibition ‘Sweet Crazies’ in de Openbare Bibliotheek Utrecht
    Group show ‘Best of the Graduates 2012′ ,Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
    Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie with ‘Me & My Models’
    Group show ‘Out of the fridge’ in Berm Collectief, Amsterdam
  • 2011 Soloshow in galerie Artpocalypse Collective with the series ‘Sweet Crazies’
    Group Show ‘Teenage Magazines’ in FOAM
  • 2010 Gabberperformance at Rietveld Uncut, De Brakke Grond
    Initiator of a fashion shoot in Vice where his baby sitting brother Bruin with Down Syndrome took all photo’s and did the styling and choice of models and locations


‘My Maasai’, by Art Paper Editions (group project) (2017)
‘The Pattaya Sex Bubble 1 t/m 10’  by Art Paper Editions (2015)
‘New Ways of Photographing The New Masai’ by Art Paper Editions (2014)


‘Marktplaatspoëzie’, Nijgh & Van Ditmar (2013)
‘Me & My Models’ in news paper form, published by Art Paper Editions (2012)
FOAM magazine, publication of Sweet Crazies (2012)
C.I.N.V.U., an art magazine about loneliness, Publication from work ‘Me & My Models’
Vice Magazine, publication of the Sweet Crazies