ST JAKOBSHALLE, BRÜGLINGERSTRASSE 19 – 21, 4052, BASEL 8-14 June 2009 | VIP PREVIEW, 8 June 11.00-15.00 *For the Solo Project 2009, Galerie Ron Mandos proudly presents 3 serene architectonic cement sculptures by one of Belgium´s most promising young artists, Renato Nicolodi.*

ABOUT Renato Nicolodi

The architectural work of Nicolodi is clearly monumental. The artist is inspired by classical architecture, which he uniquely processes. It is only when the viewer steps onto the work and inspects it from close range, that he can obtain a clearer understanding of the work, as if he is invited to take part in a visual and physical search within the architectonic forms he has created. Different vantage points and views reveal subtle games of light gradations with the constantly recurring subjective black space, that remains inaccessible for the viewer, coaxing one into reflection. Pure formalistic language is given an almost sacred priority.

Renato Nicolodi's work can be found in Moma San Francisco, collection of the province of Oost- Vlaanderen (BE), collection of the province of Vlaams-Brabant (BE), collection of the city of Genk (BE), collection of the city of Lokeren (BE), Achmea collection (NL), collectie of Houthoff Buruma (NL), the Design Vlaanderen Collection (BE) and many international private collections.