LOOP is the first fair dedicated exclusively to video art. The 4th edition of the fair, from May 19th to the 21st, 2006 in Barcelona, will offer an exciting showcase of international premieres. 40 leading galleries in video from around the world will present new works by emerging and established artists.

RONMANDOS will show a prototype of Arthur Kleinjan’s new work ‘Moments of Considered Time’. It consists of multiple elements such as video, slides and sounds which make perception and recognition essential in finding a link between the act of looking, the sensation of experiencing, and the time and space we define as memory.

The complex story shifts between the explorations of the protagonist in Cairo 2005 and late 19e century history, leaving the viewer caught between illusion and experience, and between the temporal spaces of reality, memory and dream.

We also show ‘Skipping’ by Arthur Kleinjan, an engaging video (made in Beijing, China) of a girl skipping rope while a man enthusiastically jumps along with her. Beautiful music compliments the slow and rhythmic movements of them simultaneously skipping up and down.

It’s unclear whether Kleinjan happened to stumble upon the scene or if it has been staged. Thereby, a simple scene is transformed into an enigmatic sequence.

Arthur Kleinjan (1970) studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He lives and works in Rotterdam.

His work has been exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at The Essl Collection(Vienna, Austria), Western Front(Vancouver, Canada) and 2YK Gallery(Berlin, Germany). He has participated in exhibitions such as the Biennal of Contemporary Art in Bari (Italy), in the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (Canada), as well as in Egypt, China, Spain, Denmark and the USA.

In Arthur Kleinjan’s video work and photography, a fascinating exploration of visual perception is merged with a metaphysical sensation of place, identity and time as he transforms apparently simple moments into something complex and evocative.