New York

In 1999, RONMANDOS gallery opened it’s doors and in the following years proved to be one of Holland’s top galleries. Video works, interactive installations, wilful photographs and paintings: RONMANDOS presents current developments in expressive art and design. In every exhibition RONMANDOS is looking for a steady or just exciting combination, where artists and their works of art are, in a way, in proportion with the spaces of the gallery. Being the only Dutch representative at DIVA, RONMANDOS will show recent works from Hans Op de Beeck and Arthur Kleinjan.

Hans Op de Beeck (1969) is an all-round artist, using all kinds of media; video, photography, drawing, sound sculptures, scenario’s, three dimensional installations: the one thing leads to another and all contribute to the expansion of a strange world. His work often represents painful situations or places where all hope seems to have disappeared. The buildings and public spaces he photographs or films are most of the time deserted, but if there are people involved, they seem to be isolated from each other and from the viewer.
Except for exhibitions in Belgium and The Netherlands, Op de Beeck participated in exhibitions in Berlin, London, Milan, and Chicago. In 2003 he was resident in PS1 in New York. During DIVA
During DIVA Hans Op de Beeck is exhibiting solo at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery New York.
RONMANDOS will show Hans Op de Beeck’s Places ‘Gardening 2” at DIVA fair, a work for which he had to combine different media. It is about gardens. Drawn images of gardens in every season, blooming and decaying, accompanied with appropriate music; an almost hypnotising ensemble. Op the Beeck shows himself a master creator of gardens, human paradise at earth.

Arthur Kleinjan (1970) studied autonomous arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. Several years after his graduation he left to stay a couple of months in Montreal (1999) and in Berlin(2000). In 2001 he was accepted at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Kleinjan kept travelling the world, looking for interesting situations. With help of his camera, he has found a way to turn simple things into special things. Concepts like ‘time’ and ‘reality’ have a completely different meaning in his work and make everyday situations intriguing and complex and worthy. His work is therefore known across the world. He had solo exhibitions in Vancouver, Berlin, Vienna and The Netherlands, he also participated in exhibitions in Thailand, China, Spain and Denmark.

RONMANDOS will show Arthur Kleinjan’s ‘Skipping’ at DIVA fair. He filmed a girl skipping in an alley and a man jumping with her. The video is somewhat delayed, so that the rhythm of the jumping becomes of greater importance. It’s almost choreographic. The one moment man and girl are jumping simultaneously, the other moment they are not.