During Art Rotterdam 2020, Galerie Ron Mandos proudly presents a group presentation at the Main Section with Lieven Hendriks (NL, 1970), Remy Jungerman (SR, 1959), Ron van der Ende (NL, 1965), Boris Tellegen (NL, 1968), Levi van Veluw (NL, 1985), and Bouke de Vries (NL, 1960). These artists draw special attention to their authentic use of materials: centuries old tin-glazed earthenware, robust wooden structures covered in kaolin clay, and richly colored and patterned textile. The craftmanship used by these artists invites the viewer to take a step closer and experience the richness of form and color through a multitude of layers.

This year we also participate at Art Rotterdam Projections, showing work by Hans Op de Beeck and Geert Mul. The renowned Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck (1969) will show his Staging Silence (3), from 2019, which is the final installment in a series of autonomous art films by Hans Op de Beeck. It takes the viewer on a journey through a series of desolate scenes, gradually constructed and deconstructed by a pair of anonymous hands that act as either divine creator or grand puppeteer. Geert Mul presents a new lightbox, called Breaking Dawn Forever, which depicts a 500 year old oak in a landscape. Being unsure whether this work presents a post-apocalyptic scene or the break of a new dawn, it reflects on (our) nature in the context of the Anthropocene.

This year, Kendell Geers will perform his Ritual Resist during the Performance Show. There will be continuous program from Friday through Sunday at a stone’s throw from the fair: in the industrial setting of AVL Mundo/Atelier Van Lieshout. For Ritual Resist, a man and a woman are engaged in the martial art of vanity. Neither can see the other and both struggle against their own reflection in a square mirror.