Galerie Ron Mandos is thrilled to participate in the third edition of Art Island, taking place at the special location Forteiland. This year, the gallery proudly presents a selection of sculptures and collages by Boris Tellegen. In the bunkers of the island, Tellegen will fuse the historical and the contemporary.

For Art Island 2024, Tellegen presents sculptures and collages. Tellegen’s collages can be read as isometric landscapes. With playful ease, Tellegen changes shapes, perspective, and scale by stacking and cutting. Pieces of paper are torn, glued, and then crumpled again. They seem to multiply uncontrollably, forming a kind of savage cityscape. His fascination with the architecture of skyscrapers, Japanese robots, and tribal art forms translates to sculptures. He makes toy-like figures into life-size monuments, exploring the balance between intention and chance; order and chaos.


Opening Days: 17 – 19 mei 2024⁠
Location: Forteiland, near IJmuiden⁠
Booth number: 9⁠

More practical information about the fair: click here.

ABOUT Boris Tellegen

Boris Tellegen (NL, 1968) began his artistic career in the 1980s, using his pseudonym DELTA. As a Graffiti artist, Tellegen treated the two-dimensional frame of the letter and the word as sculpture, bursting out or morphing into the wall, piercing its boundaries by adding a dimension. By combining the reliefs of his practice with his education in industrial design, he soon started to create three-dimensional work on the intersection of architecture, painting, sculpture and installation.

In his body of work made over a thirty-year span, Tellegen explores how to transcend the boundaries of walls by annexing, deconstructing and recomposing them, to ultimately disregard them in recent installations. Through the ever-fluctuating shape of his work, Tellegen continues to disrupt our perception of surface and space.

Boris Tellegen received his education in Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft (NL, 1988-94). Tellegen has exhibited widely in European, North American and Australian museums, institutions and galleries. Recent exhibitions include MIMA, Brussels (BE, 2017), Les Abattoirs, Toulouse (FR, 2016), Amsterdam Museum (NL, 2015) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR, 2014). Tellegen regularly creates commissioned sculptures in the public spaces. A recent example is a series of sculptures between Amersfoort and Utrecht in the framework of De Stijl’s centenary celebration (NL, 2017).

Boris Tellegen (1968) was born in 1968, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
He lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands