The Weight of Light - Hans Wilschut

Also on show: David Verbeek
22.02.2014 - 29.03.2014

'The Weight of Light' - Hans Wilschut

Also on show: David Verbeek


Official opening, Saturday February 22.02.2014 - 4 to 7 PM

Both artists will be present during the opening.

On Sunday February 23rd, the gallery is also opened from 12 to 6 PM


Galerie Ron Mandos proudly presents the exhibition 'The Weight of Light' by Hans Wilschut. Also on show: new works from David Verbeek. The overarching theme within these bodies of work is their fascination for the big city. Wilschut approaches his work from the architectural point of view, where Verbeek mainly shows the individual in relation to the city.

In Wilschut's new work he shows us something that only cities can in a particular way: capturing the notion of light. This light is prominently present in the exhibition The Weight of Light, soon on view at gallery Ron Mandos. Wilschut is an artist who carefully shapes his images from his ideas. He shows the spectator urban landscapes that often demonstrate conflicting themes such as 'metropolitan city' versus 'non city'.

The exhibition shows various new works such as de series The Verticals. Also the city Hong Kong is well represented. Wilschut is seized by this city: "I want to make horizontal connections in this vertical city". As an artist he approaches this city from the inside. Wilchut seems to enforce the right moment in his work. His accurate working process is associated with big fascination for architecture, which leads to aesthetic images that allure his spectator. The spectator that takes more time, discovers the multiple layers that exist in Wilschuts work. Layers that expose friction, astonishment and alienation. 

Whereas Wilschut particularly emphasizes on architecture in his work, filmmaker and photographer David Verbeek (Shanghai Trance, How to describe a cloud), on the other hand, shows the individual in respect to the city. The subsequent loneliness is a recurring theme in his work. On view are works from the series Ghost Month and Dusk Till Dawn. Verbeek's film Shanghai Trance was nominated for the Tiger Award in 2008. Two years later, his film 'R U There' was selected for the Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Festival. In 2011 he won the Return of the Tiger Award at IFFR with feauture film 'Club Zues'. Last year, in 2013, he was nominated at IFFR again. This time for a Big Screen Award for 'How to describe a Cloud'. This feauture film also got nominated at the prestiguous Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival.

(All images of the works are included in the exhibition. For detailed information please contact Frederik Schampers through


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Hans Wilschut - Vertical Corner - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Vanishing Point - 120 x 160 cm - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Void - 120 x 160 cm - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Obstacle - 123 x 160 cm - 2012
Hans Wilschut - Interlude - 180 x 238 cm - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Needle - 190 x 124 cm - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Lupu - 56,8 x 80 cm - 2007
Hans Wilschut - Confluence - 123 x 170 cm (L) - 2011
Hans Wilschut - Happy Valley - 122 x 190 cm (L) - 2013
 Hans Wilschut - Moon - 120 x 150 cm (L) - 2007
Hans Wilschut - Portrait - 61,7 x 100 cm (M) - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Pinnacle - 61 x 75 cm (M) - 2008
Hans Wilschut - Time Square (Hong Kong) - 59 x 80 cm (M) - 2013
Hans Wilschut - Random - 75 x 60,2 cm (M) - 2013
David Verbeek - Paralysis - 105 x 70 cm - 2013
David Verbeek - In another time, perhaps now - 70 x 105 cm - 2013
David Verbeek - I saw the White Snake - 105 x 70 cm - 2013
David Verbeek - Farewell to the Future - 70 x 105 cm - 2013
David Verbeek - Another Forrest - 70 x 105 cm - 2013
David Verbeek - Levels Beyond - 70 x 105 cm - 2013